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Winding the subscription up, but we will keep you entertained and give you as much knowledge as possible for this season.

Posted: November 05, 2021

Hello Members after almost 2 years of hard work and fighting covid to try and make this possible, I have decided to wrap up this site however, i won't be leaving those that have used their full year and for those that have months to come, I will be keeping you upto date with what I see in my fishing adventures from now until next tuna season, for those that are members currently you won't be charged from here on in and won't need to worry about your mebership expiring we are back as of today and will have fun with fishing and providing generous information each week, please stay in check from here on in and make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel as we shift over, but in the meantime, i will give you guys some very important information each week to help you make your desitions when and where you should go fishing I hope you have enjoyed the many vidoes and 100s of GPS Marks so far please ensure to listen what I have learnt you and provided I will make sure to add some guidance when and where i can, its been a pleasure working with you all, some of you are just amazing people and feel free to contact me im more than happy to help you with fishing and boating or any requirments you may need. Stay tuned those who are members tomorrow ill give you some pointers on what i have experienced this week in fishing. ()( hope to see you on the water.

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