We are currently at capacity with our subscriptions and we are not taking anymore new memberships. We would like to thank you for your interest.

Help Center


How do I change from Silver to Gold subscription?

At the end of your current month reapply for Gold subscription to start your Gold Membership.

Can I cancel my Gold subscription?

Once your subscription is due for renewal it can then be cancelled.

Can I contact Matt Cini directly?

Yes, please go to our Contact page to send your message.

Why do I need to provide credit card details for 7-day free trial?

This will remove any fraudulent intervention which protects both parties. You can then reapply for a silver or GOLD Membership subscription.

What is the difference between Silver and GOLD subscription?

Silver offers entertaining video’s, fishing reports, access to our online shop (coming soon) and brief fishing prediction. GOLD subscription offers unlimited access to all video’s, Hotspot alerts, detailed fishing predictions, fishing reports, live video and discount from our online shop (coming soon).

Will my GOLD subscription membership roll over automatically each month?

Yes it will until your 12-month subscription is due and, a renewal advisory will be sent to you.